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Best Record:
2010 & 2011 Boys   6-2   
2007 Girls   7-1

Best Day:  May 12, 2008--Girls get 2nd place in Girls Districts.
Best Day:  May 13, 2011--Boys placed 3rd in Sectionals, which qualified them for Districts.
Best Boys:  2013 versus Audubon    163
Best Girls:  2014 versus IKM-Manning    194
Individual Boys:
Britton Barrier   35 versus Audubon (2013)
Individual Girls:
   Ashley Christiansen  40 versus Underwood (2002)
WIC Golf Tourn. Record (Since 2006):
   Tri-Center Girls Team  --  433  --  in 2014  --  3rd place
   Tri-Center Boys Team  --  370  --  in 2011  --  3rd place
Best Golf Tourn. Record (Since 2006):
   Tri-Center Boys Team--Mo. Valley Tourn.  --  345  --  in 2011 --  1st place
   Tri-Center Girls Team--18 Hole District Tourn. --  398 -- in 2014 --  3rd place

Head Coaches:
Ron Mueller  1971-1974
Nile Smith   1999-2003
Nate Simons  2004 and 2005
Angie Pryor    2006
Josh Abel    2007-2008
Angie and Brad Huseman  2009 to present

In 1971, Tri-Center had a boys golf team coached by Mr. Mueller.  The team won 8 of 9 matches.  Ron Miller shot 39 on the Glenwood course.

The modern version of the Tri-Center Golf Teams opened play in 1999, twenty five years after the last T-C Golf Team played.  Both the boys and girls teams finished with a one win-five loss record.  The teams had all rookies and enjoyed a learning season.  Letter winners for the boys were:  Eddie Leaders, Joe Martinez, Adam Harman, Brian Nelson, and Schuyler Johnson.  Letter winners for the girls were:  Ashley Christiansen, Erin Schierbrock, and Katie Gaudian.  Ashley Christiansen and Sadie Heimbaugh gained the first medals for the Trojans.

The 2000 year saw improvement as the boys went 2-5 and the girls 3-4.  Many more competitive matches were a sign of maturing squads.  Winning medals were:  Joe Martinez, Schuylar Johnson, Brian Nelson, Ashley Christiansen, Katie Gaudian, and Laura Bahrke.  Letter winners for the 2000 season--Boys:  Joe Martinez, Schuylar Johnson, Brian Nelson, Eddie Leaders, and Adam Harman  Girls: Ashley Christiansen, Katie Gaudian, Laura Bahrke, Erin Schierbrock, Brenda Koch, and Latia Hubbard.

The year of 2001 was the third year of competitive golf at Tri-Center and both teams made strides toward raising the conference meet and were competitive in most of the matches.  Letter winners were Joe Martinez, Matt Hinman, Adam Harman, Brian Nelson, Schuylar Johnson, Eddie Leaders, Ashley Christensen, Katie Gaudian, Kim Nelson, Erin Schierbrock and Laura Bahrke.

The 2002 Golf season saw the team level of competition increase as both teams move up in their performance level.  The girls record of 6-3 set a new standard.  Letterwinners were Adam Harman, Schuylar Johnson, Brian Nelson, Eddie Leaders, Andy Morse, Dean Grote, Joe Martinez, Ashley Christensen, Katie Gaudian, Kelly Shreeves, Kim Nelson, Erin Schierbrock, Latia Hubbard and Laura Bahrke.

The 2003 Golf season saw a return to fundamentals and trying to build depth.  Both clubs were enjoyable to work with and were competitive.  Letter winners were:  Andy Morse, Dean Grote, Daniel Smith, Ray Bruck, Brandon Peterson, Landon Ausdemore, Brandon Nelson, Kim Nelson, Tina Clevenger, Allison Kennedy, Jamie Ring, and Kristen Ungrad.

The 2004 Golf season saw another year of growth and a new coach.  The boys tied the school record with two wins.  The girls also ended the season with two wins.  Medal winners were Allison Kennedy, Tanya Redinbaugh, Daniel Smith, Randy Bruck, Raymond Bruck and Brandon Nelson.

The 2005 Golf season--Medal winners were Allison Kennedy, Roni Nihsen, and Kent Harryman.

The 2006 Golf season--Medal winners were Roni Nihsen, Amber Epperson, Cortney  Christiansen, and Connie Carrigan.  The Girls Golf Team took 3rd in Districts!!

The 2007 Golf season--Medal winners were Roni Nihsen, Amber Epperson, Cortney Christiansen, Connie Carrigan, Zach Norman, and Alex Schmidt. The girl's team took 2nd place in the WIC Tournament, and they took 4th place in Districts.  Roni Nihsen scored in the top five of Districts, and she went on to Regionals to score a 104.

The 2008 Golf season--Medal winners were Cortney Christiansen, Connie Carrigan, Amber Epperson, Roni Nihsen, and Derek Finken.  The girl's team took 2nd place in the WIC Tournament, and they took 2nd place in Districts.  The girls went on to Regionals and took 6th place.

The 2009 Golf season--2009 Medal Winners were Derek Finken, Ryan Berg, Kellon Ausdemore, and Taylor Gunderson.  Boys breaking the T-C team scoring record three times with a new record of 167.  Ryan Berg  and Kellon Ausdemore matching the longest athletic record with a score of 39 for a single boy’s round.  Best ever 18 hole boys team score at Sectionals placing the boys 4th and at the same time defeating teams who had beaten us during the year by 20 and 30 strokes.

The 2010 Golf season--The TC boys golf team rewrote all the records for golf in the 2010 season including a new team dual record of 6 wins, a new low team total of 166, and the low single round record by Kellon Ausdemore with a 37.  The TC girls squad recorded 3 wins this year in duals.  Medal winners were Emily Epperson, Sarah Moffatt and Jessie Velthoff. Sarah with a score of 110 at the WIC tournament placed 11th.  The girls improved greatly over the year and look forward to the future.  The boys team had medal winners in Ryan Berg, Jon Griffith, Kyle Zimmerman and Kellon Ausdemore.  Kellon was first or second in 6 of the duals.  Kellon placed 8th at WIC and was 8th at sectionals.  The TC boys team has raised the bar very high for all future teams, but that future looks very bright.

The 2011 Golf season-- The TC boys did it again as they set new standards for all teams to follow.  The boys set a new school record of team score of 165, tied the dual record with a mark of 6-2, placed third a the WIC meet, the highest ever and advanced to District competition for the first time ever by placing third at sectionals.  The team also placed first at a six team meet at Missouri Valley, another first ever for the school.  The TC girls recorded two dual wins this year. The girls improved 37 strokes as a team from the first meet to the last.  Medal winners for the girls were Emily Roane and Emily Epperson.  The boys had medal winners in Ryan Berg, Adam Nihsen and Kellon Ausdemore.  Kellon won nine medals during the year and was top ten at both sectionals and districts.  Kellon also tied his school record of 37 in two meets.  We will miss the great group of senior boys but with a great group of returning letter winners both squads look forward to special things to come.

The 2012 Golf season-- The T-C Girls won three duals during the 2012 season.  Emily Epperson and Emily Roane were medal winners, with Emily Roane having a very special year winning seven medals.  Senior letter winners Martina Goodsell and the Emily's will be missed, but a great group of youngsters return next year with high expectations.  Emily Roane made the Iowa Girls Coaches' Association 2012 Academic All-State Golf Team.  The T-C Boys, having what could be said was the 3rd best season in school history, won four duals and successfully defended their title at the Missouri Valley Tournament.  Medal winners for the boys were Britton Barrier, AJ Messerschmidt, Marty Dollen and Wes Zimmerman.  This group of boys looks forward to the future with the entire team returning for next year.  This tight knit collection of kids, who had to be told practice was over many times before leaving, should have their sights set on all the school records next year.  With hard work and a little luck, a special year is on the horizon.

The 2013 Golf season--  It snowed, it rained, and it snowed some more.  That was the weather for most of a very challenging spring for the 2013 Tri-Center Golf Team.  We practiced indoors more than we had the chance to practice outdoors, and yet the kids overcame the tough conditions and had a memorable season.  With six meets either rescheduled or cancelled, it was quite a year.  The 2013 boys team broke the single meet scoring mark shooting a 163 against Audubon at Quail Run.  Britton Barrier broke the nine hole school record posting a 35 the same night.  The boys advanced to Districts for the second time in three years.  Britton Barrier was the Sectional Medalist.  Was this the best team of all time? Only time will tell.  The Varsity Boys had a rotation of 8-9 boys which consisted of Jacob Wohlers, Tyler Stange, Marty Dollen, Jacob Schneckloth.  Derek Nelsen, Riley Dollen, Wes Zimmerman, Alex Johnson and Britton Barrier.  Medal winners for the year were Jacob Wohlers, Wes Zimmerman and Britton Barrier. This great bunch of kids included some true characters. We often talked about doing the best we could and having as much fun along the way as possible. This group truly accomplished that. A great bunch of Seniors will be missed, but a nice bunch of underclassmen will get a chance to step up next year.  On the girls side, this group of youngsters shot the best team score in five years.  With the entire Varsity group returning, the future continues to look bright.  Letter winners this year were Megan Ryan, Krystal Phillips, Mariah Guerrero, Haley Fischer, Hailee Hansen, Elizabeth Salerno and Savanna Huseman. Haley Fischer was a medal winner this year and just missed advancing to the second round of Districts. Golf is the closest game to the game we call life.  You get bad breaks from good shots, you get good breaks from bad shots but you have to play the ball where it lies—Bobby Jones.  How true.

The 2014 Golf season--With record numbers of golfers competing for Tri-Center in the 2014 season, the golf program is alive and well.  During the 2014 season, the Boys compiled a dual record of 4-6.  Competitive in most of the losses, the boys played to their capabilities.  Medal winners for the year were four-time letter winner Wes Zimmerman, Jacob Schneckloth, Anthony Gress and Derek Nelson.  The Tri-Center Girl’s Team had a very special year.  The girls tied the school record for dual wins with a record of 7-3.  They also bettered the school nine-hole record, shooting a 194 vs IKM- Manning and broke the 18-hole record, shooting a 398 in Regional play.  Medal winners for the year were Kara Johnson, Mariah Guerrero, Haley Fischer and Savanna Huseman.  This group and letter winners, along with Hailee Hansen, Krystal Phillips, Erica Roane and Hannah Fischer all return for another year.  This is the best T-C Girl’s Golf Team of all time, and all are looking forward for a great 2015.