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Board of Education Belief Statements

Guiding Statement:

                It is understood that children and families form the foundation on which all of the following beliefs must be maintained.  The following are the primary beliefs held and valued by the Tri-Center Community School District's Board of Education as paramount to maintaining a sound educational system.

                Academics will be recognized as the highest priority and will be demonstrated by...

·  Hiring the best teaching staff available, regardless of salary schedule placement, and maintaining competitive pay/benefits for staff (certified and classified) in comparison to regional and comparably sized schools, such as those in the Western Iowa Conference.

·  Striving to keep lower elementary (PK-3) classroom numbers at twenty or fewer students and continuing to provide all day and half-day pre-kindergarten programs.

·  Focusing curriculum and professional development primarily on reading, writing, math and science, and pursuing research-based instructional practices that will bolster student achievement in all educational areas.

·  Striving to create and maintain excellent advanced programs for talented and gifted students of all ages, as well as advanced placement programs, college credit courses, and encouraging access to outside resources for all of these advanced programs.

·  Keeping the plant/facilities and the transportation fleet updated each fiscal year, providing a safe educational environment for students and staff.

·  Valuing co-curricular activities and demonstrating that belief through facilities, equipment, and the selection of auxiliary staff, recognizing the booster clubs and support groups as vital partners in this effort.

·  Hiring the best administrative staff and holding them accountable to make the best leadership, operational, managerial, and procedural decisions for the district, with the overall welfare of the students as the focus.

·  Striving to maintain a high level of parental/community involvement by keeping people informed of educational opportunities for district youth, as well as keeping them informed of ongoing programs, events and activities of the school through various forms of media.

·  Continuing to emphasize curricular offerings which will meet the needs of all students at all grade levels.
Tri-Center Community Schools
Board of Education
November 2014