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Tri-Center Food Service Policy


Tri-Center Community Schools recognizes the parent/guardian's responsibility to provide breakfast and lunch to their children. Proper nutritional intake is essential for adequate learning to occur.

It is the policy of Tri-Center Community Schools to offer breakfast and lunch. The Food Service Department shall produce quality meals at a reasonable cost Consistent with state and federal regulations.

Students and employees may purchase meals when funds have been deposited into their account. Guests may purchase a meal(s) through cash payment at the lunch Checkout.

Household may apply for free and reduced meals anytime during the school year. Applications are mailed to all households in the district prior to the school year and are included in enrollment packets. In addition, applications are available at the business office, High School office and Elementary office.


Food Service accounts will be reviewed on a weekly basis. A report shall be run that lists each student/family with account balances insufficient enough to provide food Service for the week.

The parent/guardian will be notified when the household account is insufficient to provide food service for the week. (-$20 for lunch, -$10 for breakfast)

The methods of notification for food service accounts that are insufficient to provide food Service for a week: 
  1. Notification to parent/guardian via the student information system. 
  2. Assistance from county Social Services may be required by the school for possible neglect when district notification and collections procedures are unsuccessful.
The methods of notification in accounts incur a negative balance are as follows:
  1. The building administrator or his/her designee will contact the households and review with them their responsibility to provide meals for their student. 
  2. One Written notification to parent/guardian that the food service account is delinquent and the student(s) are not eligible for meals. 
  3. Student information system alert that the food service account is delinquent and the student(s) are not eligible for meals.
  4. .The district has the discretion to pursue collection through small claims court or other means to collect delinquent accounts.
  5. Families whose accounts are in collection shall not receive food Service meals until the account is paid in full.
When food service accounts cannot purchase a meal, milk and a grain item will be offered at breakfast and a sandwich and milk will be offered at lunch. An exception shall be made only upon parents/guardians contacting the Business Manager to Set up food service account payment plan and making payment on the account.