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A message from Parents for Great Iowa Schools

posted Feb 23, 2017, 7:47 AM by TC Administrator
30,000: As of this morning, that’s how many Iowans have learned about the ESA/voucher threat to Iowa’s public schoolchildren via our website and social media.

But we’re playing catch up. For weeks, advocates for ESAs/vouchers have been calling members of the Iowa legislature, asking elected representatives to pass a bill—any bill—to take tax payer dollars away from Iowa’s public schools and give it to nonpublic schools. They’re backed by big money and television advertising.

That’s not who we are. We’re just concerned parents and grandparents and community members. 

And today we’re asking you—all of you—to make your voice heard by doing two things. They take just minutes.

1) Please call or email your representatives today. To find your Iowa Senator or Representative, click here. Tell them that you’re opposed to any bill—the current Senate File 29 of House File 9 or any other new bill—that uses your state tax dollars to fund any ESA/voucher program. Every call you make, every email you send makes a difference.

2) Will you please share this email with another member of your community—a friend, a family member, a business person?  If they need to learn more, click here or below and share this video. 

Remember: Every dollar diverted to ESAs/vouchers is a dollar diverted away from Iowa’s public schools—the schools that serve 92 percent of Iowa’s children.

Thank you for calling, emailing, and advocating for Iowa’s children. Thank you for making your voice heard.

Thank you.

Parents for Great Iowa Schools
Rose Green
Louisa Dykstra
Kelly Roberson
Deb Copeland
Shanda Carstens
Heather Welch Puri
Michelle Lovell
Tara Tarnowski
Deanne Edwards
Jenipher Sutherland
Eve Kent
Megan Christofferson