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Booster Club Announcements: Booster Club announces procedure changes

posted Sep 29, 2014, 12:06 PM by TC Administrator   [ updated Sep 29, 2014, 12:15 PM by Matt Schmitz ]

The Tri-Center Athletic Booster Club (“Boosters”) would like to announce a few procedure changes that will be taking place immediately.

1.   PRICES.  The Boosters have voted to raise some of the prices in our concession stand due to rising costs.  We have been able to avoid this up to this point, but feel a slight increase to a few of the items is warranted at this time in order for the Boosters to continue to buy the top quality products we provide.   Effective immediately, the cost of the following items will be:

Hot Dogs               $3.00
Brats                      $3.00
Nachos                  $2.00
Pretzel                   $1.50
Pretzel w/cheese $2.00
Popcorn                 $1.00
Freezie Pops         $1.00
Pop                         $2.00
Gatorade                $2.00
2.   FOOD COUPONS.  The Boosters have always accepted concession stand food coupons from individuals who help at high school athletic events, whether it be working inside the concession stand or some other job outside the concessions during an athletic event.  The Boosters feel you should be rewarded for your assistance and offer a free sandwich and drink for anyone who is contributing their time and efforts to help the concession stand and the athletic event be successful.  Accordingly, when you are asked to work an athletic event, please obtain a “workers food coupon” from Brian Wedemeyer when you arrive at the event and sign your name on the back of the coupon.  If you do not have a food coupon to present you will be asked to sign the Master Scheduling document located in the concession stand and record what job you were asked to work so we can keep an inventory of the amount we are providing to our workers.  

3.   CONCESSION STAND SCHEDULED WORKERS.  The Boosters will be providing a list of individuals assigned to work the concession stand for each home game/event to the front gate workers.  If you are scheduled to work in the concession stand, please give your name to the front gate worker.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding any of the above information, please feel free to contact either myself or Julie Fischer.  Thank you for your continued support!
Susan Parmer – 712-310-2586
Julie Fischer – 402-639-1145