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Booster Club Scholarship Applications are due April 28th

posted Mar 21, 2017, 8:50 AM by TC Administrator
Athletic Booster Scholarship Applications are Due by April 28th to Tami Harman.  Please follow the instructions for this process.  If you have any questions regarding this you can contact Julie Fischer at 

Tri-Center Athletic Booster Club Scholarship Application

1) Save the Application and Coaches acknowledgement form to a location on your computer. Or, print a copy directly from the website. DO NOT FILL OUT THE FORM THAT IS ONLINE

 the requirements for the scholarship to make sure you qualify

3) Fill out ALL the information that is shown on the application and save to your computer. Make sure that all of the “Personal Information” you provide is current in case you need to be contacted.

4) Educational Information: - You can obtain this information from the school Guidance counselor if you don’t have it.

5) "Sports Participated in"
a. Manager counts – If you were the student manager for a sport (the entire duration of the sport that year) that time counts.

b. If you have more than four (4) sports that you participated in, list them on the same line:
i. i.e. 1. Volleyball / soccer / basketball         Years: 4 years each

6) Extracurricular and Volunteer activities and work history information are not a requirement but if you have any that you can share with the scholarship committee it’s helpful.

7) Coaches acknowledgement form:
a. Have a minimum of two (2) forms filled out (from different sports preferably by the head coach of each sport). 

b. The purpose of the form is to have the coach acknowledge that the student did participate in the sport and gives the opportunity to make any comments about the student. (Comments aren’t required but are nice) 

c. The coach must sign and date the form.

8) Once the application and acknowledgment forms are completed. Turn all into the school guidance counselor by April 28th.