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Elementary News: Elementary students participate in Fish Iowa Program

posted Apr 12, 2016, 2:01 PM by TC Administrator
The Tri-Center 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade had the opportunity to participate in the Fish Iowa program in their Physical Education class.  Fish Iowa is designed to teach kids the basic techniques of casting.  They learn a flip from 10 feet, a pitch from 20 feet, and an overhand cast from 30 feet.  All equipment for this program is provided by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.  Program information and instructional videos can be found at this website:

Shown below are the winners from each of Mrs. Thomas’ P.E. classes.  (Named from left to right):

5th Grade Mr. Milliken’s Class:  
2nd Place Kaeli Harris, 1st Place Alexis Swinarski, 3rd Place Jaden Franke

5th Grade Mrs. Baatz’s Class:
2nd Place Brooke Daughenbaugh, 1st Place Sean McGee, 3rd Place Tanner Nelson

4th Grade Mrs. Petersen’s Class:
2nd Pace Christian Dahir, 1st Place Gracie Johnson, 3rd Place Cassidy Cunningham

4th Grade Mrs. Wiggins’ Class:
2nd Place Jon Carlson, 1st Place Isaac Wohlhuter, 3rd Place Addisyn Redinbaugh

3rd Grade Mrs. Jensen’s Class:
2nd Place Zachary Ploen, 1st Place Kaylynn Harris, 3rd Place Brennan Boden

3rd Grade Mrs.Kuhnle’s Class:
2nd Place Alex Barrier, 1st Place Cameron Deboodt, 3rd Place Jasmine Saathoff

3rd Grade Mrs. Mathias’ Class:
2nd Place Brant Freeberg, 1st Place Meya Wingert, 3rd Place Landon Ward