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Guidance News: Understanding College Aid Options: Summary Charts

posted Sep 29, 2014, 2:38 PM by TC Administrator
Many high school seniors are receiving their award letters from their colleges of choice.  The question on the minds of many students is what financial aid options are available to pay for college.

We have assembled 4 financial aid summary sheet for first-time college student and their parents.  These are non-advertised charts that quickly summarize financial aid options.  

You can download these charts FREE without registration:

1.       Summary Aid Chart for Undergraduates

2.       Summary Aid Chart for Parents

3.       Summary Student Loan Chart

4.       Summary Pros and Cons of various student loans

These charts do not display advertising of any kind nor do they require user registration.

Students can simply link and take. They are completely free for the taking brought to you by financial network. 

As a bonus, students can download an MS Excel worksheet that tabulates student finances while attending school.  It has input for income sources, expense needs, and scholarship and student loan information. It's a handy sheet for keeping track of finances. 

Helping High School Students Prepare for College?

Making the right decision on what to do after high school will be on the minds of many HS Juniors and Seniors. Let us help you address these college planning needs.

We have four comprehensive guides that students can use to prepare for college and other post-HS careers:

1.       Comprehensive College Planning Guide 
HS students can start with our comprehensive guide that displays in calendar chronology the tasks needed to prepare, search, and complete college admission requirements. The guide is net-connected to content and other recommended sites to answer the following:



college prep: help in analyzing job trends and career futures



college search: use our comprehensive search directory for colleges and universities, career schools, online schools, etc.



college admission: guide for application submission, essays, letters of recommendations, etc.



college financing: review the financial aid process to pay for college



college start: find what you need to move and start college

2.       School counselors and administrators can use the guide as an interactive tool to council students on college plans and search.

3.       You can view our center for high school students at:

4.       College Search

What kind of college or career school? Invite your HS students to use our college search directory to find and compare colleges and universities, community colleges, online programs, career vocational schools, and other educational institutions -- all neatly indexed by region and type. There is no user registration to use this site. Your students simply link and select the kind of institution they would like to attend.

Try our college search directory:

5.       College Financing Guide 
Finding ways to pay for college can be a daunting task for both student and parent. What students need are charts that list options and links for scholarships, grants, work-study programs, government student loans, parent PLUS loans, private student loans, and other student aid options. Use our step-by-step guide to navigate through the financial aid process.

Understand the student aid process:

6.       Success Tools 
We offer a complete set of tools that students can use to plan, search, track, and finance their post high school college and career plans. These tools are available FREE for students without user registration. You simple take and use:

going-to-college checklist: an assistance tool to help student stay on task when planning for college

tracking worksheets: sheets to note information about career trends, college choice, aid options and more

college financing worksheet: to budget and compare colleges by costs and financial aid awarded

achieving success: achieving success through planning, discipline and execution.

plus many more tools.

7.  View our tools at:
Description: Helping High School Student Plan, Prepare and Go to College