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Health: Medication Policy

posted Sep 29, 2014, 1:28 PM by TC Administrator
Prescription medication:

All prescription medication that needs to be taken during school hours must arrive in the original prescription container with the following on the label: Name of the student, name of the medication, direction for use, and time of day to be administered at school.  There must be a doctor’s note with the above labeling information. Prescription medications will not be administered by the school nurse unless a doctor’s note is on file.

Over the counter medications:

A parent note is required for over the counter medications, including cough drops. If you want your child to take them during school hours the note needs to include student’s name, name of medication and directions for use. Liquid medication needs to come in the original bottle. Tablets and capsules need to be in their labeled package, not sent loosely in a baggie.

All medications are stored in a locked medication cabinet in the nurse’s office and will be administered per directions of the doctor or parent’s note. Tylenol will be given at the discretion of the school nurse, or authorized faculty member, if consent is documented on the Student Profile.  

These policies are enforced for the safety of the students.