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Middle School News: Eighth grade students cap WWII unit with trip to the Strategic Air and Space Museum

posted Jan 28, 2016, 5:59 AM by TC Administrator
On January 26th, Tri-Center eighth grade students attended the Strategic Air and Space Museum to view the permanent Holocaust display and World War II airplanes. During the tour, students were exposed to information about the events leading to the start of the war, Hitler and the Nazi party, the persecution of the Jewish population as well as other groups, and aircraft used when fighting the Axis powers. In addition, the students were able to listen to Holocaust survivor, Kitty Williams, describe her childhood and teenage years under the Nazi regime. Williams talked in great detail about her deportation, experiences in Auschwitz Concentration Camp, and her selection to transfer to German work camp. When the presentation concluded, students had the opportunity to ask questions and to talk individually with Kitty. Students left the presentation with several facts and a message of hope for the future. 

This field trip coincides with the Word War II unit the eighth graders are currently studying. The Institute for Holocaust Education in Omaha, Nebraska paid for the students to attend the museum.