Financial Update: SBRC Decision

posted Dec 18, 2015, 1:31 PM by TC Administrator
Good evening everyone.  You may have noticed an announcement about the SBRC decision in the Nonpareil yesterday.  Tuesday afternoon the SBRC committee approved the Tri-Center Corrective Action Plan (CAP) along with our request for Modified Supplemental Amount (MSA) of $99,232 to make up for the negative unspent balance in FY 15.  Below is an explanation of what this means for Tri-Center:

  1. The decision grants spending authority to make up for our negative unspent balance from last year.  This is not cash...rather the authority to spend the money we spent last year.
  2. The reductions made last year were/are still necessary to bring spending back under the state required limits this school year.  At the conclusion of this school year, Tri-Center will have a positive unspent balance for the first time in three fiscal years.
  3. The decision increases our anticipated positive unspent balance at the conclusion of this school year and will help Tri-Center recover more quickly from the financial situation we have been navigating.
  4. It will be very important for Tri-Center to continue tracking General Fund balance, and more importantly spending authority as the district moves forward.
Student enrollment and modified allowable growth are factors we will continue to watch closely as we move forward with short and long-term financial planning.  Please email, call, or stop by with any questions you may have about this decision and what it means for us.  Thank you...
Dr. Tony Weers, Ed.D.