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Student Work Showcase

Gone; by Dustin Goble

posted Nov 5, 2015, 7:57 AM by TC Administrator

It had never been this bad before. Sure, we would have our moments, hear a door close, or maybe hear a footstep, but nothing like this.

We have a house in Maine, up by a wooded area, just slightly secluded from the rest of the neighborhood. My son had never really liked the house. All he will tell me is the woods are very strange, and that he finds weird things out there, but I never investigate. I don’t want to have any reason to be scared of another house.

That strength, however, did not last long.

It was a weird day. Jimmy, my son, hadn’t spoken a word as he ate breakfast. He got his clothes on, brushed his teeth, and went out to the bus, with no evidence of emotion. And I sense something is wrong, I know there is.

It wasn’t until I went into his room to look around, that i realized this wasn’t normal.

His stuffed animals, were all in weird positions, cut up, hanging from a little desk he had in the corner of his room. There were some bloody paper towels, and writing i could not understand.

As I was looking into his closet, i saw what he called his “woods outfit” and some leaves from outside.

Then in the lightest tone, I hear a whisper.

“I like your son”

I stumble back, frightened, and unable to comprehend what I had just heard.

Then the last thing I heard from that thing, was when it said “He shouldn’t have come into the woods.” with a soft, sinister laugh. And almost as if it were my imagination, it vanished.

I come home from work at 10pm. Just in time to tuck my son into bed.

And I was shocked as I opened his door.

He was sitting straight up, looking right at me. Never blinking.

“Hey buddy?” I say, to try to comfort him. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

Jimmy responded, “Can you tuck me in?”

I do as he asks, and while I’m tucking him in, he says “Daddy, check for monsters under my bed.”

I look underneath for his amusement, and see him. Another him, under the bed. He stared back at me, quivering and whispered,

“Daddy, there’s something on my bed.”

I wake up the next morning, on his floor. Cold, as the window was open. And all that remained of my son at that moment, were some scratch marks under the bed.

Everyday as the wind blows through the woods towards my house, I always hear that evil laughing whisper.

He was gone.

Autistic Angel; by Damion Madsen

posted Apr 17, 2015, 7:46 AM by TC Administrator   [ updated Apr 17, 2015, 7:48 AM ]

One day God sent down a friend just for me 
he is a special little man, he’s an Angel you can see. 
He will make you smile, he will make you cry, 
and he does it all with a twinkle in his eye. 

He came to me one day and that day i knew, he was someone special but not many people see that. His life has not been easy. 
But still makes the best of it. 
And im proud to be apart of it.

This little boy had a story, he has autism you see
I will never understand why, it’s still a mystery to me. 
His mother loves her Angel from above
that God had sent to her with unparalleled love.

This friend that God gave me has a slight dilemma
autism, and Think of him as a Blessing in my life. 
He's special in many ways but not everybody sees, 
Hes a child that only wants love and people judge him.

So we became friends, this little man and I
who could make you smile by just looking in your eye. 
I see him Everyday, and we will never be apart
the Angel we call Adam, owns a piece of my heart.

Change the Future? Well of Course You Can; by Savanna Huseman

posted Apr 13, 2015, 1:10 PM by TC Administrator   [ updated Apr 13, 2015, 1:10 PM ]

English 11 students had to rewrite the ending of The Great Gatsby for this week's blog assignment. Savanna's was awesome!
- Mrs. Ring

Change the Future? Well of Course You Can


Just as the bright yellow car was going to hit Myrtle Wilson, another person appeared in front of her, and the car hit them instead.  Myrtle stood stunned, breathing in shallow, rasping breathes, the weight of her near death experience setting in.  The person on the ground was wearing some sort of outfit she'd never seen.  The body was wearing blue jeans, but a different style than usually seen. They were wearing some sort of hooded jacket, and shoes, ones people who played basketball had just started wearing a few years ago, but not as colorful as the ones the person splayed on the ground was wearing.  She stumbled back, only to find two more people.  One person was dressed in bright colors, and their hair was very big.  Another was dressed some even stranger garb, they probably weren't even from America.  Looking around, Myrtle could see all sorts of people popping up, all in different clothes, many speaking different languages.  But there was one thing that was the same about all of them.

They were all teenagers.  The lot of them looked as if they were 16, give or take a few years.  They’d all been looking around, speaking to each other, until they all caught sight of Myrtle.  They were silent.  One lone voice (which spoke English, thankfully for Myrtle) broke the silence.

“So, like, will it be different?”  The person, looking much the same as the one hit by the long gone yellow car, seemed to be speaking to the entire group, though they were looking at Myrtle.  She blinked dumbly.

“W-what?” She finally gasped out, shaken out of her shock somehow.

“Did we change the ending of the book?” There was silence again.

“Yeah, but… I mean, look, there’s still someone dead, no doubt there’s going to be an investigation now.  I mean, there wasn’t one since Wilson was obviously deranged, but now, it’ll be the police after Gatsby, right?”  Another voice spoke out.  There was more silence, then a collective groan before arguing broke out on whether or not they'd helped or not.  The bickering stopped when another person arrived.  They seemed dirty, and bloodied up, and their clothes were like nothing she’d seen before, made for combat, but not like any soldier she'd ever seen.  There was silence again, and the person, the Future Soldier, spoke.

“You did change the past, but you also changed the future.  Myrtle, come with me, you’re the only thing that can possibly save us.”  He put his arm out to her.  Myrtle looked behind her, to see George standing there, eyes wide and looking like he might faint.

She deserved better, she thought, and took the man’s hand.  She, the Future Soldier, and the hundreds of high school students sent back to change the ending of the book disappeared in a flash.

George stood stunned, and he fainted.

 To be continued…

Coming soon

 The Greater Gatsby: The Future Soldier

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